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Reviews policy

Time Out's policy on reviews

Photograph: Anna Kucera

Review or listing?

Time Out content that carries a star rating has been impartially reviewed by one of our expert critics and is a review.

Time Out critics review restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars independently and anonymously – we visit without notice and pay for our drinks and meals. Time Out reviewers do accept media tickets to shows, gigs and movies, but on the condition of strict editorial independence.

Not every event or venue on Time Out websites is a review. If there is no Time Out star rating then the coverage is a listing and should not be taken as an assessment of the quality/standard of that event/venue.

Occasionally, Time Out publishes content that has been paid for by advertisers. Such content is always clearly marked as Time Out Promotion and should not be confused with independent Time Out reviews.

Sponsors cannot buy a favourable star rating.

Photograph: Daniel Boud

What do Time Out stars mean?

Perfect/near-perfect, classic, highest tier
Excellent, highly recommended
Good, promising, solid
Failing to deliver, below average
Poor, not recommended

Photograph: Anna Kucera

Venue price guide

The $ symbols attached to reviews generally correspond to the following dollar amounts.

For two coffees and two meals:

$ $30 or under
$$ $31-$50
$$$ $51-$70
$$$$ $71+


For dinner for two excluding drinks:

$ $50 or under
$$ $51-$150
$$$ $151-$300
$$$$ $301+


For two drinks:

$ $25 or under
$$ $26-$40
$$$ $41-$60
$$$$ $61+


For two pots or a schooner and two counter meals at regular pricing:

$ $40 or under
$$ $41-$60
$$$ $61-$80
$$$$ $81+

For the lowest priced ticket with unrestricted views: 

$ $45 or under
$$ $45-$80
$$$ $80-$120
$$$$ $120+


Photograph: Anna Kucera


Content is published on Time Out’s websites at the discretion of the editors.

Contacting the relevant Time Out editor is the best way to ensure we have all the information we need to upload an event or venue. This is not a guarantee that your event or venue will be listed.

Here are some reasons why your event may not be not listed:

  • Person-power constraints
  • Not deemed appropriate for Time Out’s audience
  • The event is happening too soon to be worthy of listing (six weeks’ notice is recommended)
  • The site needs time to refresh to show your uploaded listing

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