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Rimini, Italy
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Revealed: the underrated cities to visit in 2024

These are all the up-and-coming holiday spots, according to a report by Skyscanner

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Paris? London? New York? Sure, those might be some of the greatest cities in the world, but they’re also so 2023.

Thankfully, Skyscanner’s 2023 trend report has landed to tell us where those in-the-know are heading off to next year. The report hasn’t only shed light on the best-value travel destinations for the coming year, but it’s also revealed a list of trending cities – many of which are pretty under-the-radar.

To decipher which of the world’s travel destinations are trending the most, the flight comparison company used a study of 2,000 UK participants, plus data on millions of searches for flights and hotels. 

So where should we all be considering a holiday next year? According to the trends report, it’s Vigo in Spain. The coastal destination is one of Europe’s most vital fishing ports, but the municipality has experienced an enormous surge in interest, with searches increasing by more than 1,200 percent. 

Leipzig, an east German city most famous for its rich musical heritage, is the second-most trending location, with an increase in searches of 545 percent. This trendy city is the birthplace of Wagner and was also home to composers Schumann and Mendelssohn.

In third place, it’s Rimini in Italy, a city on the Adriatic coast known as a nightlife hotspot. This place saw an increase in searches of 362 percent, closely followed by Bydgoszcz in Poland, with a 313 percent increase, and Sapporo in Japan, which came in fifth with a 276 percent increase. 

Here are the 10 trending cities to visit in 2024, according to Skyscanner:

  1. Vigo, Spain
  2. Leipzig, Germany
  3. Rimini, Italy
  4. Bydgoszcz, Poland
  5. Sapporo, Japan
  6. Osaka, Japan
  7. Nantes, France
  8. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  9. Billund, Denmark
  10. Tokyo, Japan

Where to travel in 2024

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